The much-discussed long-delayed debut CD "True" is finally here and has proved to be worth the wait. Independently produced by DAPPADON ENTERTAINMENT, the album is a collection of songs that can only be called stirring and eclectic. Is it a creatively textured tapestry of original compositions with artfully sculpted rhythm tracks interwoven under soulful vocal sketches. A passionate piece of work!Cheryl Schuh masterfully blends contemporary folk with Electro flashes of hip hop, jazz and soundtrack elements, all combined to pack a brilliant musical wallop for any listener. A passionate understanding of urban grooves and electronic texture shines through under her strong structural melodic progressions. Her music goes beyond the predictable, beyond the obvious, bleeding through a strong desire towards redefinition of the accepted pop-structure of music and song writing.

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I don't care how songs should be constructed. My songs are inspired and manifest themselves in almost complete form without conscious direction...I try not to interfere!" These words are positively and excitedly echoed in the content of this CD.
Cheryl Schuh

This compilation of 10 songs emerging from backroom lounges, cafes and microbars of Canada's urban centers offer innovative listening from beginning to end. Unmistakably unique throughout; arrangements vary from urban ballads, jazz to hip-hop to contemporary folk. Songs like "Living on the Left Side" and "Know the Enemy" are among those which brilliantly express a passion for life without enduring the restrictive roles that contaminate the human spirit. "Seasons" and "Quiet Company" exude the passion Cheryl has for contemplation, and the ultimate interpretation of those universal subtle energies into lyric.Producer, Judd Skinner of Dappadon Entertainment helped immensly in producing the rythmic backgraound of the "more produced" songs, while Cheryl focused on creating her own arrangements and performed all instrumentation on the vast majority of all acoustically focused songs. She notes that their path to completion was arduous yet exciting as each composition became sculpted and crafted into its final format.No stranger to music, Cheryl has been at it since the age of 6. Her journey began with piano studies under her mother's guidance (an accomplished musician of piano and alto sax) to the discovery of the guitar at age 11. To date, her mother remembers Cheryl as extremely creative and hard to hone into the studies at hand. She was always improvising her lessons with little modifications that she determined were more interesting, never settling into the pieces as they were written. Eventually, at age 15 she composed her own piano pieces that would preface the jazz elements surfacing later in her guitar music.

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